Policy on Piracy of BM Audio Labs, Inc. ("BM Audio Labs") and its Associated / Subsidiary Companies and Products.

The Copyright Act of the United States of America and overseas international copyright laws prohibit reproduction and/or usage of copyrighted material without permission. If you are caught with a pirated product, you or your company may be prosecuted under the provisions of the U.S. Copyright laws and/or any international laws protecting BM Audio Labs, Inc. from such unlawful duplications and unauthorized reproductions inside / outside the United States.

United States law prohibits duplicating or unlicensed (re)production of copyrighted intellectual property products for commercial or non-commercial purposes, which includes the making of single or multiple copies of the original BM Audio products, and/or any products bearing trademarks and/or product and company devices & logos belonging to BM Audio Labs by unauthorized organizations and manufacturers. The import, distribution, selling, advertising and using of an unauthorized copy is considered an act of piracy and therefore, an infringement on the intellectual property of BM Audio Labs. If caught with a pirated product, you or your company may be tried under both civil and criminal law. A civil action may be instituted for injunction, actual damages (including infringer's profits), or statutory damages up to US$100,000 per infringement. Criminal penalties for copyright infringement include fines up to $250,000 and jail terms up to five years, or both.

All illegal copies of the original product along with the articles used for illegal duplication will be confiscated under the relevant provisions of the copyright law. The court, upon conviction, can also order closure of the enterprise used for making illegal copies.
Registered trademarks, devices (logos) and brand names.

The following is the list of trademarks and devices that are proprietary intellectual property of BM Audio Labs, Inc. and its associated/subsidiary companies:

- "BM Audio Labs©" & device
- "BMBoschmann©" & device
- "MGX Megavox©" & device

If you have any doubts or require advice relating to a mark or device that you plan to use that might cause a conflict with BM Audio Labs' proprietary marks & devices, please do not hesitate to send in your question to BM Audio Labs at the Contact form page before attempting to incorporate, register or use them.

TMs and Model Numbers: Trademarks associated with multiple model numbers can have such model number appear after the mark and before the appropriate noun or product name. For example: BM-888 SoundThrustT and MOSFET BassLauncherT II system(s).

For distributors and partners using BM Audio Labs' Trademarks and Devices.

You may refer to BM Audio Labs' products and series names by their associated BM Audio Labs' trademarks and devices, so long as such references (a) are truthful, fair, and not misleading, and (b) comply with these Guidelines, which may be modified by BM Audio Labs from time to time in BM Audio Labs' sole discretion.

a.. Use the appropriate trademark symbol and trademark acknowledgment of BM Audio Labs' ownership of the marks and/or devices in question. Do not claim the marks or devices to be your own or cause the audience to be misled into accepting this perception.

b.. Do not incorporate BM Audio Labs' trademarks or devices into your own product names, service names, trademarks, devices, or company names, and do not adopt marks or devices that are confusingly similar to BM Audio Labs' own marks and devices.

c.. Do not make unlicensed use of BM Audio Labs' licensed devices, such as the "BM Audio Labs" & device. Third party use of BM Audio Labs devices requires a license or written permission from BM Audio Labs or our relevant subsidiary companies. If you are interested in obtaining a license or authorization to use a BM Audio Labs mark or device, contact us via the Contact page

Government commitment to law enforcement

The United States Government has been an active participant in protecting the rights of copyright owners. Federal Judges have shown their intolerance of copyright violators by handing down increasingly large damage awards against infringers. The Chambers of Commerce for various high-risk nations are engaged with the United States government in restricting and limiting the widespread activities of piracy which is evident in developing countries and other regions committed to the international agreements and treaties.

Your responsibilities as a user

Your first responsibility as an audio user is to purchase original articles for your use. If you purchase an illegal copy or pirated product for business or personal use, you will be committing an offence which is prosecutable in the Court of Law.

When purchasing a BM Audio Labs product, make sure you buy legitimate products. If you have a good reason to suspect that a company, retailer, reseller, dealer or individual is offering, advertising or selling you a counterfeit BM Audio Labs product, please report their location with as much detail as possible to your local customs authorities and to us. Always keep the original Invoice and counterfeit good with its packaging which came from the reseller. They can be used as evidence to prosecute the perpetrators and get your full money refund. Many counterfeit packaged products are designed to look similar to the original BM Audio Labs manufacturer's products but are made with inferior materials that fail to attain the original BM Audio Labs manufacturer's specifications and performance criteria. Consequently, purchasers and users of counterfeit or pirated products face unnecessary risks:

a.. A fake product that is non-durable, "fragile" to demanding conditions , or otherwise defective;

b.. BM Audio Labs is always making sure that every of our product that reaches the market by legal distribution is within the most affordable reach to customers, while retaining its highest value. Counterfeit products however, will normally be priced exceptionally low in order to attract your purchase. The only possible way they can achieve this means is to compromise on the use of materials, workmanship and/or assembly of their goods indefinitely.

c.. Lack of technical product support available to counterfeit users; and

d.. In addition, if you purchase a product that is counterfeit or copied, you not only deny the BM Audio Labs scientists, acoustic engineers and developers - some working a lifetime with us - their rightful revenue, but also harm the industry as a whole by discouraging and limiting our capacity to elevate the value of BM Audio Labs products to higher levels while maintaining the price factor low. All BM Audio Labs product developers spend literally years researching and developing products for the benefit of the audio loving community worldwide, with a passion to fulfill the gap between the highly expensive 'out of reach' price-tag and the medium-income audio-lover's financial affordability. A portion of every dollar spent in purchasing an original product is funneled back into research and development so that a better and more advanced good may be produced for you and your future generation continuously , which is sensibly priced and affordable to the majority community. When you purchase counterfeit merchandize, your money only goes directly back into the pockets of the selfish profit-oriented pirates without any other constructive value.

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